What do we do?

Preimage is on a mission to ease the process of generating 3D digital twins of real-world environments and assets using photographs.

We are currently at an inflection point where we are seeing a huge uptick in the amount of 3D content that is being generated be it for drone surveys, industrial inspections, gaming, AR/VR apps, e-commerce, or immersive social interactions (metaverse, anyone?)

Preimage helps anybody who needs a 3D digital twin build one faster, cheaper, and at scale. Our approach dramatically reduces the time, the human effort involved, overall cost, and improves the flexibility to create workflows around 3D content for various business use cases.

Here is an example video of a 3D representation generated with Preimage using 685 drone images as input. More demos are available on our Youtube channel.

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Why Join Preimage?

Preimage is an equal opportunity employer. Women, LGBTQ+, and historical minorities are highly encouraged to apply.

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